Monday, September 27, 2010

Using Crystalline Colors

Stained glass is not only done with transparent paints but we can also add variation to our work by the use of crystalline paints.Crystralline paints are comparatively light based and gives a crystal effect.

Things You Need:
  • Glass (any size and thickness you wish)
  • Craft knife(for cutting leads)
  • Liquid lead(available in bottles and tubes from arts and crafts shop)
  • Crystalline paints(available in variety of brands and shades from arts and crafts shop)
  • Thin marker(for tracing the design on the glass)
  • Paint brushes of various sizes.
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  1. Get your template and glass ready as done earlier  in stained glass using transparent colors.
  2. Trace the design and outline it in one of the two ways: either in one step with liquid lead or first copying the design on glass with trace paper and then making the outlines with the liquid lead. For details please follow: outlining techniques done in stained glass earlier.
  3. After the outlines of the design are completely dry, it’s time to fill in the colors but here the method is bit different.
  4. If you remember we mixed the transparent paints with the lacquer thinner and then started painting, but while using crystalline colors there is no such mixing involved, all we have to do is to fill the portion of the template to be painted with transparent crystalline color.
  5. After you have dropped the crystalline transparent color on the desired part using the back of your brush,quickly take another brush and dip it in the color you wish to fill in and start mixing it with the dropped crystalline transparent color.
  6. Once the design is painted and dried, reapply the liquid lead,let it completely dry.
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  8. On completion of your project,you will notice that the design has crystal cuts that is adding to the beauty of the painting.

  • Transparent crystalline color is not the transparent paint, it is a crystalline paint with transparent appearance.
  • Please remember that we do not have to use so much of the color here while mixing it with the crystalline transparent color,all we want here is the effect of that color and not the overflow.
  • Also if you want to use  two different colors then remember to use light and dark colors,lighter shade on the top and darker shade on the base of the template

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