Friday, October 8, 2010

Stencil Making.

We have done the basics of glass painting like stained glass,opaque painting,use of crystalline colors and mosaics with or without grout.Now it is time to work on glass etching techniques but before we proceed I would like you people to learn about making stencils,though you can get many from arts n crafts shop,but just think that you like some pattern and you want that as your stencil so that you can etch it on your glass or mirror.In that case, making your own stencil is the best thing especially when you cannot find the same thing from shop.

Things You Need:
  • Pattern/template(you wish to make your stencil of)
  • Crafts knife
  • Transparent Plastic Sheet
  • Thin Markers

  1. Place the transparent sheet on the pattern/template you want to make stencil of.
  2. Trace it out with the marker very carefully and neatly.
  3. With the help of paper cutter carefully cut out the outlines of pattern so as to get your stencil.
  1. If your pattern is large enough to fit on one transparent plastic sheet,then you may join the required number of sheets but slightly overlapping each other.
  2. After tracing the pattern on transparent sheet,you can also color it with the colors you desire to use at later stages,so that you have clear picture of what you will get on your actual painting.
  3. Don't throw the cut out pieces of the stencil,you can also use those in other glass etching techniques.


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