Friday, December 17, 2010

Glass Painted Wall Mirrors


How about embellishing your walls with the glass painted wall mirrors.Here we have two options,either paint on some part of the mirror with transparent paints,crystalline colors or even opaque paints,following the same procedures as linked,and leave some part of the mirror as it is,so that can be used for viewing your image.
The other option we have here is,to paint on the piece of glass and glue it to the mirror.This I will explain in detail.

Things You Need:
  • Glass (any size and thickness you wish)
  • Craft knife(for cutting leads)
  • Liquid lead(available in bottles and tubes from arts and crafts shop)
  • Transparent glass paints(available in variety of brands and shades from arts and crafts shop)
  • Paint thinner(available from hardware stores and are used to thin the tarnsparent glass paints)
  • Thin marker(for tracing the design on the glass)
  • Paint brushes of various sizes.
  • Transparent frost texture
  • Yacht varnish
  • Masking tape
The Method:
  1. Choose a template and get it enlarged.
  2. Once you have your template enlarged,ask your glass merchant to cut the piece of glass and mirror to the size of template.Make sure to ask your glass merchant to rub the glass and mirror edges with the sand stone so as to prevent your hands from cuts.
  3.  Clean the glass with glass cleaner.
  4. Once you have your glass and template ready,it's time for copying the template and completing a stained glass painting.
  5. For copying a template to the glass,outlining with lead and for using transparent colors to the glass please follow:
  6. After the paint and lead are completely dried,apply the transparent frost texture smoothly and evenly,to the painted areas.
  7. Frosting will take from 1-10 hrs to dry depending on the room temperature,and will prevent the paint work from getting scratched.
  8. Once the frost texture has dried,thin down the yacht varnish with a little bit of  turpentine thinner and craefully apply a coat to the painted areas.Allow it to dry for 24 hours.
  9. With the adhesive lead side facing up,place the glass on the top of mirror.Use a piece of  Prestik(blue-tak) in each corner to hold the glass and mirror in place and then fit them into a metal or wooden frame.
  10. If you are interested in using crystalline colors,then for painting instructions follow 
  11. For instructions on  painting with opaque colors follow


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