Monday, December 20, 2010

Mosaic Clay Pots

Things You Need:
  • Clay Pot
  • Clay pot sealer
  • Cut pieces of a glass/tiles(colored or clear)
  • Beads or stones(for additional touch,optional)
  • Mosaic glue
  • Transparent color(available from arts and crafts shop)
  • Adhesive glue(you can get from any hardware store )
  • Thin marker(for tracing the design on the pot)
  • Sanded Grout
  • Acrylic Paints
  • tweezers 

  • Sponge
  • Water 
  • Hand gloves
  1. Spray the clay pot with sealer and let it dry for 24 hours.
  2. If you want your moaic to be patterned, then trace the template on the clay pot with the thin marker,else skip this step.
  3. Start sticking the glass/tile  mosaics and deacorative beads or stones to the clay pot with the adhesive glue, randomly or following the pattern of your design.
  4. We are going to use grout here,so,stick the mosaics at some distance.
  5. After sticking all the cut pieces of glass and decorative beads or stones,let the glue dry properly.
  6. If u didn't use colored  glass for mosaic,then,using transparent paints you can add color to the clear glass pieces yourself.
  7. Choose the colors you want to fill in from transparent glass paints pack and adjust the consistency of paints by adding lacquer thinner.
  8. When you are satisfied with the shade and consistency,paint the cut pieces of glass as in
  9. Let the paint dry completely.
  10. If you are using white tile pieces and want to add colors to the tile mosaics,then you may color the tile mosaics with acryllic colors.
  11. Now,it is time to add grout.
  12. For making the grout,take 1 cup of sanded grout and add in it,the glue and acrylic paint,just enough to make the thick consistency.
  13. Mix it well,it is better to wear gloves and use your hands so that no sand is left dry and also you can feel large bits of sand and can remove them.
  14. Carefully,take small amount of grout and spread on yourclay pot design,adding more gradually, as you require.
  15. Don't press the grout too hard else it will be shown under the mosaic.
  16. Cover the whole pot with grout,if your mosaics are completely scattered,else just cover the template.  
  17. Once the grouting is complete,remove the excess grout with the wet sponge,redo it till all excessive grout is removed,this will require great effort and care.
  18. Please be patient and continue removing the grout with the sponge,do not put it under running water, else your grout will disappear.
  19. Let it dry and the mosaic using grout on clay pot  is done.
  20. You can also make mosaic clay pots without grout.Mosaic without grout  is done in the same manner,but without the addition of grout and the mosaics are sticked close to each other,so that there are no or very minor spaces between the mosaics.
  21. Here I add the video of mosaic using grout on glass,just to give a clear view of how is grout applied,you can use the same method on any saturation material as wood,clay,lamp shades etc.


  1. I absolutely adore the orange one x

  2. Thanks SJ.I would have gifted it to you on christmas,but it's no more with me:(:( My sis took it away.

  3. Nice post. I like those clay pots you have designed with mosaic. Thanks
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  4. Love it!!! Love the tile designs (wish I could be that creative with tile!) Can't wait to see it in person!
    glass and stone mosaic

  5. You are a gem! Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed it heaps!