Friday, December 10, 2010

Stained Glass Windows or Doors


Turn a window or glass panelled front door into a work of art by following these simple instuctions.

Things You Need:

  • Glass (any size and thickness you wish)
  • Craft knife(for cutting leads)
  • Liquid lead(available in bottles and tubes from arts and crafts shop)
  • Transparent glass paints(available in variety of brands and shades from arts and crafts shop)
  • Paint thinner(available from hardware stores and are used to thin the tarnsparent glass paints)
  • Thin marker(for tracing the design on the glass)
  • Paint brushes of various sizes.
  • Transparent frost texture
  • Masking tape
  • Linseed oil(available from hardware stores)

  1. Measure the window pane/glass panel of door,you wish to replace with the stained glass one and buy a piece of glass that is 3mm(1/8in) smaller all around than this measurment.Cut the glass to size according to your template and please do remember to sandstone the edges,so as to avoid the cuts on hands.
  2. Clean the glass with glass cleaner.
  3. Choose a template and get it enlarged.
  4. Once you have your glass and template ready,it's time for copying the template.
  5. For copying a template to the glass,outlining with lead and for using transparent colors to the glass please follow:
  6. After the paint and lead are completely dried,apply the transparent frost texture smoothly and evenly,to the painted areas.
  7. Frosting will take from 1-10 hrs to dry depending on the room temperature,and will prevent the paint work from getting scratched.
  8. Once the frost texture has dried,thin down the yacht varnish with a little bit of  turpentine thinner and craefully apply a coat to the painted areas.Allow it to dry for 24 hours.
  9. Ask an experienced glazier to install the window/door for you with the adhesive lead side of the window/door facing outward.
  10. Once the window/door has been installed,use a soft rag to rub boiled linseed oil over the lead.After a week,wash off the linseed oil with an ammoniac-based cleaner.Repeat this procedure atleast twice a year to protect the lead from rain and sun.


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